Food Trucks

Open House - Food Trucks

New this year...McKee will have Food Trucks at Open House! No need to rush to get dinner before rushing to get to the school!

  • Trucks will be located outside the Cafeteria doors.
  • Seating will be available in the Cafeteria.
  • PTA will have FREE bottled water, also in the Cafeteria.

(While you're in the Cafeteria, check out our Spiritwear Samples!)

Below are the Food Truck options that will be available:

Image result for bado's pizza

Bado's Food Truck Menu

Pizza - Large Slice Cheese: $4

Pizza - Large Slice Pepperoni: $5

Hoagies (several types, still to be determined): $9

Bottled Drinks: $2


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Leopolitan's Ice Cream

Milk Shake (16oz): $4

Cup of Ice Cream (Small): $4

Cup of Ice Cream (Large): $5


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Franktuary Menu

(Hot Dogs with optional toppings)

Standard Frank: $4; Toppings are extra

Poutine and Fries are also available.

Click HERE for their full Food Truck menu.