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Talent Show

McKee Talent Show

Talent Show
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The McKee Talent Show is a great event that the children look forward to each year to show off their talents. The talent show is typically held in January at the high school. Most years, the Talent Show has a theme, which can be used in the selection of the music and/or costume for the performance.

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Who can participate in the Talent Show?

Any McKee student can participate in the Talent Show, from Kindergarten on up!

What can my child do in the Talent Show?

Anything that they want to! Kids can create an Individual Act or a Group Act. Talents that we've had in the past include:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Playing Musical Instruments
  • Gymnastics Routines
  • Whistling
  • Skits
  • Mime
  • Other acts are also welcome! Be creative!

(Microphones and floor mats will be provided, if needed. Please let us know if you need a piano, or any other special props.)

What is required to prepare a Routine?

  • Create an Act: The main responsibilities of the participant (and sometimes, their parent) is to create a routine to be performed. This may involve choosing a song to play on an instrument or to sing. It may involve choreographing a dance or gymnastics routine. It may involve creating a skit or other performance. Each act will be given a time limit that they must adhere to. This time limit varies from year to year depending on the number of acts in the Talent Show.

The act will be practiced at each Talent Show Rehearsal but should also be practiced at home in between rehearsals.

  • Select Music: If you have a specific song related to the performance, that music must be provided to the Talent Show volunteers by the indicated deadline. Talent Show volunteers can provide editing of the length of the music, if necessary, to fit within the assigned time limit. (Some acts, such as Skits, may not require music, so this would not be required.)

  • Choose Costumes: Many Talent Show participants also choose to wear a costume of some sort. This can be as simple as coordinated T-Shirts among the group, or as elaborate as you choose to make it. Just make sure that your child can still perform their act in their costume!

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