Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the McKee PTA!

There are many ways to Help!

Think you don't have time to volunteer? We hear you! A lot of us are working parents with multiple kids and little time to spare. There are many different ways that you can help:

  • Volunteer at School: Many of the PTA events happen at school, during school time or right after school. We know it's hard to make time, but even just a few hours per school year can help A LOT! If everyone picks just one event to help with each year, it's amazing what we can accomplish!


  • Volunteer At-Home: Many PTA activities require a lot of planning and legwork that can occur in the evenings or other non-school time.


  • Find a friend and Co-Volunteer: If an activity requires too much time for one person, round up a buddy (or two or three) and agree to split the activities/requirements. You get some Adult Interaction and the kids get a great activity!


  • Donate Items: If you are not able to volunteer your time, please consider donating needed items to various events.


Letters are sent home before each activity detailing the Volunteer and Donation opportunities. They are also available online using the button below. Please help as much as you can so that we can continue to provide the wonderful activities that the kids LOVE!

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Pennsylvania State Law mandates that you must have Clearances on file with the District in order to volunteer for any activities during school hours:

  • Including non-PTA events such as Classroom parties.
  • Even if the teacher will be in the room with you.
  • Even if you are not interacting directly with the kids.

Please obtain your clearances prior to signing up for an event at the school. This will ensure that you have them in place before the day of the event. (Summertime is a GREAT time to work on this because then you'll have everything that you need before the start of the school year!)

There are three required Clearances

(they are valid for five years) :

  1. Act 34 - PA Criminal History clearance
  2. Act 151 - PA Child Abuse clearance
  3. EITHER:

    • Act 114 - Federal Background (Fingerprint) clearance
    • A notarized Affirmation that you have lived in PA for 10 years and have not been convicted of one of the crimes listed on the form.

Once your clearances are obtained, you must provide them to the school so that they are on file. PTA does NOT need a copy of your clearances. We work with the school office to verify clearances.

Please contact Mary Kelsey (mkelsey@westasd.org) with any questions about your Clearances.

When you sign-up for an event, please let us know if your clearances are under a different name than you're currently using, such as a Maiden name and/or a Hyphenated Last Name. This will ensure that the school is able to find your clearances as quickly and easily as possible.

Arriving at the School 

School bitmap

When you arrive at the school as a volunteer, you should enter the school through the Front Office (unless instructed otherwise by the Committee Chairperson). Let the school secretary know why you are there. She should have your name on a list provided by the Committee Chairperson. You must bring your photo ID with you to be scanned into the Raptor system by the school secretary. She will print a badge and direct you to where you need to be.

If your clearances are not on file when you arrive at the school, you will be turned away. In order to volunteer, clearances must be on file BEFORE the day of the event.

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