Milk&Cookies Day

milk and cookies

Milk&Cookies Day

Parent Volunteers visit their child's classroom during the school day to read stories while the students enjoy a snack.


Readers and donations still needed! Click HERE to find out more!


What does a Milk&Cookies Volunteer do?

Two parent volunteers are needed for each classroom. One volunteer is the Reader, the other volunteer is the Cookie Buyer.


Reader's Responsibilities

Classroom Readers, of course, come to the classroom on Milk&Cookies Day to read to the class. They also get to select the books that will be read. (Note that if you have trouble choosing a book, the teacher can help you pick a book.)

The Reader coordinates directly with the teacher to determine the best time during the day to come in. It usually only takes about half an hour and many teachers like to have it done in the afternoon, toward the end of the day (although this can vary).

Readers also bring the milk on the day of the event (due to the fact that we don't have anywhere to store milk for all classes). One gallon of milk is generally sufficient for a class with ~25 students, although you may adjust the amount of milk that you bring. You can buy any type of milk you prefer, but 2% milk is generally a good option. You do not need to provide cups. 

You must have your clearances on file in order to be a Reader.

Cookie Buyer's Responsibilities

The Buyer provides Cookies, Fruit, Napkins, and Cups on Milk&Cookies Day for all students in the classroom that you have volunteered for. The cookies must be on the school's Approved Snack list (generally Chips Ahoy or Oreos). The fruit can be fresh (ie, apples, clementines, bananas, etc), or single-serve prepackaged fruit.

As a general rule, we ask that you provide enough cookies for each child to have 1-2 cookies and one piece of fruit (or one fruit cup).

The cups can be any type you choose. Anything that is close to the size of a white styrofoam cup is generally sufficient for the event. 

Your items can be dropped off at the school, or sent in with your child if you feel comfortable with that. Please make sure that all items are at the school by the day before Milk&Cookies Day.