Are your Clearances up-to-date?

Important Information about Clearances

In order to volunteer for any event during the school day, you must have Clearances on file with the district. This is true even if you are not interacting directly with the kids, and even if the teacher will be in the room with you. This is not just a District Policy, it is a Pennsylvania State Law.

Clearances are valid for FIVE years. Even if you had them done a few years ago, you may need to renew them. If you’re not sure, you can email Renee Bollman ( at McKee to find out.

Note that PTA does NOT need to see your actual Clearances. They are submitted directly to the school/district. Therefore, all questions should be directed to Renee Bollman in the school office. PTA will then communicate with the school office before every event to ensure that all volunteers have their Clearances.

The three required Clearances are:

* Act 34

* Act 151

* Either Act 114 OR a notarized Affirmation that you have lived in PA for 10 years and have not been convicted of one of the crimes listed on the form.

In order to facilitate the PTA’s coordination efforts, when you signup for an event, please provide us with all names that may be on your Clearances, such as maiden names and/or hyphenated last names. This will ensure that the school is able to find your Clearances as quickly and easily as possible.

To apply for your Clearances, click here to visit the district’s website.

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